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I guess the interchangeability of the terms “hiking” vs. “walking” depends only on the sloping grade of the street and the ground's composition of dirt versus concrete. Hiking has always been a way of life in LA, but now it's a mental welfare exercise. Sometimes I'm dripping sweat on the dusty final climb to Griffith Observatory; other times, strolling through the tree-lined, Adventures of Pete & Pete-esque streets that somehow exist in nooks of LA and Pasadena. No matter where, I've just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other until I finally get the endorphins poppin' and that slight numbness in my legs that signifies that I can go back home and, now guiltlessly, lie in repose with my surly cat and watch Dave Navarro thank Taco Bell for its sponsorship of Ink Master in episode after cursed episode, or maybe call my mom and ask her to talk about partying in the 70s so that I can live vicariously through her stories. This is all to say that, like all of us, I'm doing my best, but feeling motivated to exercise is not always easy.
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Back in summer of 2021, my first post-vax show ended up being a hardcore show in San Jose, California—Zulu, Spy, and Scalp—and it was wild. (Someone recorded pretty much the whole thing and helpfully posted it on YouTube here, if you're curious.) Although I was excited to be back in the game, I had to adjust not just mentally, but physically, to the realities of being at a packed show again. Being around hundreds of people was definitely a big-time Criss Angel-level mindfreak not only because I had to overcome COVID anxiety after months of conditioning that humans = vectors of death, but I also had forgotten how shows are SO LOUD?!?!?!?!?! Yes, I am getting old, thank you, but jumpin' Jehoshaphat, it feels like movies and concerts are now fully intended to give you irreparable hearing damage. Like, if your ears aren't ringing like medieval church bells for three weeks after your night out, did you really go to see Top Gun: Maverick?

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